Tips For Creating A Video Production

The world of digital television, YouTube and other video streaming services are taking the world by storm.  With all of these new options to tell a story many of these networks are looking for content, story ideas and finished production ready videos.  If you are a writer, designer or just someone looking to have a story be told, consider contacting a digital media production nashville tn company to learn how the process is done.

A script

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No matter what you do in video, audio or in production you need to start with a script.  A script is basically a breakdown of your story idea done in a way that can be produced by actors as well as content creators.  Without a script no one has any direction as to what is to be created.  So, focus on a script and move forward from there.


Voice actors, physical actors, virtual actors or combinations thereof are all needed in any type of production.  When dealing with real human actors you need to find the perfect look, sound and ability.  With voice actors you don’t have to worry about the physical visual as much but rather how their voice carries over to the script.  Virtual actors are now becoming more popular and affordable.  With a virtual actor you can have a hand drawn cartoon, or a 3D rendered character.


Production is a time-consuming step of the process.  When we produce something, it has to have each detail thought out and put into place.  If a producer can’t keep up with a shooting schedule, actors, technical issues or a wide range of other situations then the production itself will fail.

Do multiple takes

Nothing is done right the first time.  And, if by chance it was done correctly, you still want a few takes just to look at and determine if you like something better.  You even have the option of combining several takes into a final production.